All About Me

So – who am I am why is this site here?

Here I am looking cool in a very arty photo flying my Phantom the day I unboxed it:

Me flying a drone

But here I am looking more, well…. judge for yourself!

Me looking cool

I just love drone, everything about them. When I am not flying them I am reading about them and when I am not reading about them I like to write about them on my blog. I will be honest I am not really sure where I am going with this site. It started out as a one page site with all of the definitions that you see on the mega long post here, I noticed a load of people were coming to the site and decided that I would add more stuff as it came to me.

Hopefully you enjoy reading the site as much as I enjoyed writing it, I will keep adding stuff as it comes to me, get yourself droning, its so much fun!